Service Ministries

Chalice Bearers

Appointed by the Priest following training, the chalice bearer is commissioned to assist the clergy in administering the chalice during the Eucharist services, and during monthly services held at local Seniors Residences.


An Intercessor is a person who goes before God in prayer on behalf of another person(s), situation or circumstance. At service, these people offer prayers for the members of the congregation, parish (Fort Erie) and region.


The requirements are simple for those who wish a more active role in our Sunday worship services, the ability to speak clearly and with an understanding of the verses you are reading. We always welcome new readers

Servers Guildservers

Lighting the candles, carrying the cross, assisting in the preparation of the Eucharist, this is the ministry of the Servers Guild to enhance the worship we offer to God.



This behind-the-scenes group of dedicated men and women set up the altar for the  Eucharist, as well as preparing the Church for special services, such as weddings and/or funerals etc. All those wonderful decorations that adorn the Church at  Christmas, Palm Sunday, Easter, Thanksgiving, etc. are the results of this team of individuals quietly working in the background. Your helping hands would always be welcome.




St. Paul’s has a mixed adult choir. Our senior choir sings the hymns and an anthem at the 10:00 am service as well as the psalm for the day. Practices are Thursday evenings, followed by a cup of tea and social time.  Any singers, young or otherwise, are always welcomed at St.Paul’s.

Sunday School


Using the ‘Sparks’ curriculum Sunday School begins at the same time as the regular service, and the children join the service at the Eucharist.

Square Circle Knit / Crochet (aka Holy Hookers)

the group meets Tuesday evenings @ 7 p.m. in the Parish Lounge knitting and crocheting afghans/blankets for displaced / homeless youth and individuals facing or recovering severe health challenges. Material donations – wool & thin fabric blankets are always welcome and appreciated. Knit & Crochet

St Paul’s Kitchen – Food For the Soul

The heart of any warm, loving and welcoming home is always the kitchen, and that certainly applies to the kitchen at St. Paul’s. Used by many of our groups for fund-raising occasions, meeting in fellowship, sharing a meal, meeting/support or just social interaction, our kitchen is a hub of activity. About seven years ago, St. Paul’s Kitchen began monthly free outreach meals, available to all in our community in need of food and fellowship. Served on the 4th Saturday of each month, this core of volunteers invites you to drop in at any time to see what they’re all about. Who knows you just might want to stay!

St. Nicks Elves & the Victorian Ladies

On any given Monday morning you will see a group of ladies and one brave gentleman, working in the Centre busily making crafts, and enjoying wonderful fellowship as this group prepares throughout the year for three annual fund-raising projects. The Victorian Tea is held in May, then the Oktoberfest Bazaar in the Fall, followed by St. Nick’s Shopping Day in December for the children. Feel free to join in the fun – just bring your lunch and they’ll always find you a job.


Hosted Community Services

A. A. – Three groups meet at St. Paul’s. Call the office to inquire of dates and contact persons.

Weight Watchers International – helps you make healthy eating decisions, and encourages you to enjoy yourself by becoming more active through motivation, mutual support, encouragement, and instruction from leaders.

Wheels to Meals – Lunch Out Once a month Fort Erie Meals hosts a ‘lunch out’ for clients and friends. Cost is $8.00. Venue varies call Meals on Wheels for this months venue.

Pilates – Diane Polonski leads a Pilates class here at St. Paul’s on a varied schedule, often on a Friday morning. Call the Parish office for more information.

Speech Services Niagara – Satellite office at St. Paul’s. To contact Speech Services Niagara see their contact page here: http://www.speechservicesniagara.ca/en/contact


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