My First Visit to St. Paul’s

My First Visit to St. Paul’s

I recently read that Churches should include on their web sites some helpful suggestions for those who might be considering attending worship for the first time.  So here goes my attempt.

It is a bit strange but the back door at St. Paul’s is really the front door.  So if you’re on Niagara Blvd turn up Gilmore Road and turn left at Idylewylde Street which is your first opportunity to turn.

This will bring you to the back of St. Paul’s and our parking lot


And I have good news for you; we have a parking spot just for you!

 Just look for the green cross – your space is reserved.

                 The red doors are you way into our parish centre – no steps just walk right in.

 Once inside you’ve got a bit of walk down the hall towards the church

Notice the washrooms on your right and the coat room just before you turn right into

The church entrance or Narthex as we like to call it.


If you brought food for the food bank we have a shopping cart here for you to drop it off in.  And on your right just at the church doors is a lectern where you can add names to our prayer list for the week.


Now you’ve arrived at our worship space.  You came in the back door but it lands you at the front of the church, I know it’s backwards, but this way you didn’t have to walk up any steps!

 The choir normally sits in the pews behind the digital piano so other than that pick a pew you like – none of them are reserved for anybody other than you! 

Well I hope that helps you find your way into St. Paul’s for Sunday Worship.  There will be folks to help you out if you have any questions and there are lots of signs.   So please, we’d love to see you any Sunday at either 8:00 am or 10:00 am.

Fr. Mark Gladding